January 24, 2011

Events You Should Know About

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Panels, summits, workshops, conferences, and seminars (or webinars if you’re office bound) are excellent sources since they are how we teach, learn and connect.  With a panel of industry experts these learning labs provide a rare opportunity that Wikipedia, and other secondary sources rarely, if ever, seem to provide: the ability to ask questions.  Seminars and events are the best means, with the exception of blogging and social media, of providing the opportunity to start a conversation.

The importance of attending any learning or networking event can be summed up in 3 points:

  1. Logging off

Too much of anything is a bad thing – and sometimes stepping away from the office is the best move you can make;  distance provides a chance for you to clear your mind and focus on your career development.  Attending a seminar in the midst of a hectic schedule does not only foster new ideas but also prevents burnout.

  1. Networking

Some call it outreach, others call it fun.  Whether it’s a business themed happy hour or an all-day panel there will be moments for you to reach out and connect with other working individuals who could become colleagues, friends or (most importantly) new clients.

  1. Inspiration

These events cover tactics and strategies that may have failed in previous years creating the opportunity for participants to learn from past mistakes and, best of all they teach old dogs new tricks.

Although we aren’t intimately familiar with every one of these events, the following are some upcoming conferences and events in social media, digital and public affairs:

January 24 – What’s Next: Your Marketing Communications Roadmap in Washington, DC ($295)

January 25 – Inside Social Apps in San Francisco, CA ($229)

January 25 – 28 – PAC National Grassroots Conference in Key West, FL ($995-1295)

January 30 – February 2 – MediaPost Social Media Insider Summit in Biscayne, FL ($2,595)

February 4 – Campaigns and Elections Reed Awards and Conference in Washington, DC ($410)

February 5 – Tech @ State unconference on Open Source in Washington, DC (free)

Are you planning an event that you’d like to share? Contact us at events@dcigroupdigital.com for possible inclusion in our next post.

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